Minty Fresh Breath

My dog ate an entire package of sugarless gum, which is full of Xylitol – a substance poisonous to dogs. We discovered this at midnight and rushed her to the emergency vet. She suffered no ill effects, except for some hyperactivity on the car ride. Stomach pumped, IV fluids administered, monitored all night and given hourly blood tests. Her glucose levels were never above the normal range. We spent our vacation money on her poor dietary choices. You can see that she felt pretty bad about it, in retrospect.

PHOTO TEXT: I ate an entire pack of sugarless gum & spent the night at the emergency vet. I was totally fine. $800 later, I’m very sorry.



Author: Central Park Paws

Central Park Paws provides cat and dog training tips as well as various pet product reviews including training collars, pet fences, dog beds, and more! We aim to be your trusted source for all things pet related.

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