Merrick Backcountry Steak Patties

Wow! It’s been SO long since I posted. (Insert exasperated emoji face here.) Between vacations, dog-sitting, coaching, and working the time flew by and apparently I fell off the blogosphere.

We dog-sat our nephew, Henley Pretzel, a few weeks ago.

Henley Pretzel

He was a good little turkey. Teton loves his cousin.


(Taking a break from playing.)

While Henley P. was at our house, I had the boys (what we collectively refer to Teton and Henley as) try out some new treats from

Merrick Backcountry 4

The Great Plains Real Steak Patties from Merrick’s Backcountry line are a grain-free treat made with a short list of great ingredients.

Merrick Backcountry 3

Beef and sweet potatoes are some of my favorite ingredients (for Teton and for me)! Five minutes ago, I didn’t really know what mixed tocopherols were but thanks to my friend Mr. Google, I now do.

Mixed tocopherols are a natural preservative that also serve as a source of vitamin E. Vitamin E has circulatory health and immune system benefits and is even said to slow aging and protect against cancer.

Merrick’s Great Plains Real Steak Patties are a hard, crunchy treat. They can be broken into smaller pieces but not with ease. I typically give Teton and entire patty but with Henley being significantly smaller, he usually got 1/3 or 1/2 of a patty.

Merrick Backcountry 1

I’ve given Teton a variety of Merrick treats these past seven years and I’ve been pleased with all of them. These particular treats are a great option if your dog likes some crunch!

Right now on all of the Merrick Backcountry are on sale for $6.99. Along with the Great Plains Real Steak Patties that we tried, you can snag a bag of Wild Prairie Real Turkey and Sweet Potato Patties, Great Plains Real Beef Sausage Cuts, Pacific Catch,  Real Salmon Jerky, or a handful of other flavors.

Thanks to Chewy for hooking us up!

Happy tails…

Disclaimer: Her Dog Blog was sent this product in exchange for our honest review and no compensation other than the product was received.



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