Top 15 Spring Cleaning Tips from Dog Shaming!×490.jpg

Dogshaming has teamed up with our friends over at BarkPost to bring you 15 invaluable tips to help you whip your home into shape for spring!

1. Stop putting off the vacuuming, it won’t do itself!


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2. Give that litter box a thorough clean out, your cats will thank you (HA, no they won’t; they’ll be forever ungrateful).


3. Time to pull out the old lawnmower and give the grass a fresh new do’.


4. Now is a good time to plot out your veggie gardens.


5. You know those blinds haven’t been touched in months, so give em a good dusting.


6. Your floors deserve some love too, so let’s mop them!


7. Give the laundry room a fresh coat of paint.


8. Patch up those little nicks and dents in your walls.


9. Clean off the BBQ and make sure all the burners work.


10. Air out those feather pillows.


11. Clean out the dishwasher to keep it in working condition and your dishes looking like new.


12. Deep clean your carpets that definitely haven’t been ruined by your dogs….ahem.


13. It’s time to clean out the fridge when you see jars of pickles with “best before 2013” dates.


14. Keeping your electronics dust-free will prolong their lives; poop will straight up kill ’em.


15. Speaking of poop, cleaning your toilet gives your dog a much cleaner drinking bowl.


Do you have any great spring cleaning tips for us? Feel free to add your own by submitting your spring cleaning pooch!



Author: Central Park Paws

Central Park Paws provides cat and dog training tips as well as various pet product reviews including training collars, pet fences, dog beds, and more! We aim to be your trusted source for all things pet related.

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