Ramping Up Ease of Entry for Fido

by Carrie Boyko, CEB

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Ready to Board
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Time to Board: Wag that Tail!

The All Things Dog Blog gang is getting ready to embark on a new chapter. We’re adding an RV lifestyle to our travel with dogs. What’s more, we’ll be doing this in a very uncharacteristic way–green! As we begin to venture out more frequently, I’ll be bringing you tips for camping greener, living lighter and finding solutions for your Fido friends.

Today’s post is all about solutions. With Tanner sitting on the fence between middle aged and senior (I can’t believe he’s 7 already!), I’m starting to be more careful about his joints and overall comfort and ease of activities. No more agility for this boy; we want him to live to a ripe old age without hip issues. We’ve started with the addition of a ramp for entry into the RV. 

While Tanner doesn’t yet need a ramp, we want to be prepared. And further, it was

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No Problem! Love My Personal Bridge

important that he learn to use it and build the necessary muscles he’ll be using to traverse this bridge to his temporary home. This super light Ultralight Bifold Pet Ramp folds in half and stores easily in the compartments under the RV “house”, making it the ideal solution for RVs, SUVs and other larger vehicles, as well as homes with several steps into the entrance.

Tanner learned quickly and easily how to use the ramp. You can find out more here. Even without agility training, your dog will happily follow a treat up the ramp in order to get their reward, especially when his family is inside calling him happily! Keep that tip in mind 🙂

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Down He Goes; Super Easy!

Our friends at Solvit Products have many helpful pet solutions for dogs who have various challenges, l

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CareLift™ Lifting Harness

ike the CareLift™ Lifting Harness. This product is designed for dogs who have a loss of mobility in either the front legs, rear legs, or both. Choices make it possible for you to address the needs of your dog’s particular challenges. This patent-pending product is also great for use in rehabilitation after an injury or surgery. You can find out more at the link.

courtesy Solvit Products

I’d like to highlight a couple of other travel solutions that Solvit Products have developed–their Vehicle Safety Harness line and their Front Seat Net Barriers. The latter is a great way to remind Fido that he is to remain behind the front seats for both his safety and yours. The harness can serve as an additional safety device, helping keep him in the car in case of an accident. This harness is available in 4 sizes that adjust to fit 6-120 pounds. Wow!

courtesy Solvit Products

These are just a few of the many pet solutions that Solvit Products have created. Others can be found at their website: www.SolvitProducts.com. When you find a product you’d like to buy, check out their Store Locator here. Watch for a giveaway coming soon!

Follow Me on PinterestI received a sample of the UltraLight Bifold Ramp to review with Tanner. I have not been paid to share my thoughts and the opinions are completely my own, as well as observations of Tanner’s experience. I only share the reviews of products in which I find value and usefulness.

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