Walks, fish, fat, and fun


So, it’s March.

How did that happen? Seriously, I feel like I was just dozing on the couch ringing in the new year. And, yet, here we are. March.

And it’s light out after work again, thank goodness!

Emmett and Cooper enjoy the light

This March, I’m determined to come out of our haze. It was easy to slip away from blogging and writing and, really, just being. Being mindful, being productive, being grateful. We had the cocoon of winter to protect us from the loss of Lucas. We had the chaos of moving and painting and cleaning and unpacking to distract from meaningful work. An email from a kind reader friend helped snap me out of it, along with a list of blog posts I’m itching to write. Warning: Soap boxy rant posts ahead, including a doozy I’m hoping to finish for Friday.

I actually dove into those waters with my pit bull post last week but was quickly knocked off my productive course when–within 24 hours of publishing–it had been scraped (i.e. stolen) by three other sites. So, filing claims and whining and so on took up a bit of that brain space.

Then we got some fish. Dalmatian mollies, to be exact. We asked the fish person at the pet store for all of one gender–no hanky panky happening in our fish tank! She gave us three females. They’re so pretty. Turns out, they were also so pregnant. So, yeah. No hanky panky, but that doesn’t matter if they’re already knocked up. A story for another day.

Oh! And then Otto, of course (the “fat” in the title–ha!). He ended up leaving us at 21.3 pounds, a perfectly respectable weight, according to his vet. Now we just have to hope my parents keep up with no junky snacks and extra exercise!

As part of the haze-ditching efforts, I’m also committed to 30 days of dog walks in March. (I know there are 31 days. I giving myself a day of wiggle room, just in case.) We’ve gotten lax with bad weather and a nice yard, and Cooper’s behavior has suffered. So, I got myself some pawprint stickers to mark walks on my calendar–out of curiosity, are any of you as motivated by stickers as I am?!?! the prospect of earning a sticker is real motivation for me!–and the Universe tested my mettle on March 1 when it was snow/raining and 22 degrees. But we did it and I got my sticker!

And that, my friends, is where we are this month. Except the “fun” thing in the title! Heads up: I’ll be sending out my newsletter (remember that?!?!) very soon with a prize giveaway I’m stoked about. Hint: It’s a new book about a dog, and I loved every dang sentence, beginning to end.

Tomorrow Emmett and I heard to Purdue for his next round of oncology checkups. Think happy thoughts, pretty please!

That’s it for me! How are you? How are your dogs? Are you all emerging from winter??

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